• Spaghetti with big lobster
  • Pizza with mushrooms, black olives, green onion and basil leaves
  • Mixed seafood plate


About us

Cosimo moved to America from the Amalfi Coast ten years ago after he and Ashleigh met in Positano. They were married shortly thereafter and had a daughter, Floriana. Their dream has been to bring the food, culture, and spirit of the Amalfi Coast to a restaurant stateside; they are able to live that dream at Limoncello. Cosimo and Ashleigh Picci, owners of Limoncello Cucina Italiana Italian Restaurant North Naples, Florida


Chef Matteo Hanaman, was born and raised in Calabria, Italy to a family of restauranteurs. He attended culinary school in Milano and then moved to Germany where he opened his first restaurant. Chef Matteo brings over 40 years of experience in Italian cuisine to Limoncello, and prepares the most authentic Italian menu you can find in Naples, Florida.